Table 1 Correlates of the magnitude of weekly average energy intake.

Entries are approximate percentage deviance explained by term (of the total deviance explained by the model) for the final GAMM for daily energy intake (kcal), adjusted R2 = 34%.

GAMM termApproximate deviance explained (%)Estimated degrees of freedomApproximate significance level
Year (factor)3NASee fig. S5
s(Latitude, longitude)2726.7P < 0.001
s(Sea surface temperature, °C)266.7P < 0.001
s(Isothermal layer depth, m)36.8P < 0.001
s[Log(chlorophyll-a, mg m−3)]103.3P < 0.001
s(Eddy kinetic energy, cm2 s−2)41.0P < 0.001
s(Relative light level)97.9P < 0.001
s(Length, cm)81.3P < 0.001
s(Day of the year)1212.9P < 0.001