Table 4 Mann-Whitney U test results for the occupied band and sound power transmission values from 0.5 to 5.0 kHz.

Values in bold indicate a significant difference (P < 0.05).

Chimpanzees versus modern humansEarly hominins versus chimpanzeesEarly hominins versus modern humansEarly hominins versus Atapuerca (SH)Atapuerca (SH) versus modern humans
Band lower limit<0.0010.0050.2170.7860.371
Band upper limit<0.0010.0050.0070.0360.028
SPC at 500 Hz<0.0010.1260.0070.0360.594
SPC at 1000 Hz<0.0010.2250.0070.0360.075
SPC at 1500 Hz0.0030.0050.0070.0360.254
SPC at 2000 Hz0.2820.0050.0070.0360.953
SPC at 2500 Hz0.2510.0050.0070.0360.679
SPC at 3000 Hz0.0010.0050.0070.0710.679
SPC at 3500 Hz<0.0010.0050.2170.7860.953
SPC at 4000 Hz<0.0010.0880.0070.0360.165
SPC at 4500 Hz<0.0010.7690.0070.0360.013
SPC at 5000 Hz0.0010.7690.0140.0710.075