Table 2 AICc values for candidate models describing the effects of local male density (Males), local female density (Females), OSR, and female age (Age) on female breeding status in yellow ground squirrels.

Female identity was fitted as a random effect in all models (n = 98). k is the number of parameters estimated by the model, ΔAICc is the difference between the AICc score of the given model and AICc score of the best model (the lowest AICc score was 108.0), and AICc weight reflects relative support for each model. Models with ΔAICc > 2.0 are in boldface.

ModelkΔAICcAICc weight
OSR + Males400.44
OSR + Males + Age50.860.28
OSR + Males + Females52.20.14
OSR + Males + Females + Age63.10.09
OSR + Age47.30.01
Males + Age49.30.00
Males + Females49.40.00
OSR + Females + Age59.40.00
OSR + Females410.60.00
Males + Females + Age510.90.00
Females + Age417.00.00