Table 1 Samples and parameters used in this work.

The table lists the objects used in this work. We include the adopted masses, radii, mass accretion rates, and break frequencies, νb. Where these values have been taken from the literature, we provide the relevant reference. Where these values have been estimated in this work, we refer to Materials and Methods (19). All systems, except for the YSO V866 Sco, have been used for the fit shown in Figs. 3 and 4.

NameTypeLog(mass) [log(M)]Log(radius) [log(R)]Log(Embedded Image) [log(M/year)]log(νb) [log(Hz)]References
Cyg X-1BH1.17−4.03−8.381.09(3, 22, 34, 35)
GRS 1915+105BH1.18−4.02−7.061.87(3, 7, 23, 36)
Mrk 335AGN7.342.14−1.06−3.76(21)
H 0707-495AGN6.371.17−1.32−3.82(21)
ESO 434-G40AGN6.301.10−1.45−4.06(21)
NGC 3227AGN6.881.68−1.89−3.64(21)
KUG 1031+398AGN6.601.40−0.93−3.44(21)
NGC 4051AGN6.130.93−2.19−3.53(21)
Mrk 766AGN6.571.37−1.67−3.70(21)
NGC 4395AGN5.550.35−4.38−2.66(21)
MCG 06.30.015AGN6.711.51−1.90−3.75(21)
NGC 5506AGN7.462.26−1.75−3.78(21)
NGC 6860AGN7.592.39−1.22−4.03(21)
Akn 564AGN6.901.70−0.85−3.46(21)
NGC 3516AGN7.502.30−1.46−5.70(21)
NGC 3783AGN7.472.27−1.34−5.20(21)
NGC 4151AGN7.121.92−2.02−5.90(21)
Fairall 9AGN8.413.21−0.52−6.39(21)
NGC 5548AGN7.642.44−0.92−6.22(21)
NGC 7469AGN7.392.19−1.19−6.00(21)
PKS 0558-504AGN8.483.280.99−5.17(21)
IC 4329AAGN8.343.14−0.25−5.60(21)
PG 0804761AGN8.843.640.17−6.02(1)
NGC 3516AGN7.632.43−1.49−5.70(1)
NGC 4258AGN7.592.39−3.61−7.65(1)
KIC 8751494WD−0.10−2.00−8.00−2.98(10, 19)
MV LyrWD−0.14−1.98−8.00−2.89(8, 19)
BZ CamWD−0.26−1.92−8.00−3.23(19, 25)
CM DelWD−0.32−1.90−8.00−3.10(19, 25)
KR AurWD−0.23−1.93−8.00−3.18(19, 25)
RW TriWD−0.26−1.92−8.00−2.94(19, 25)
UU AqrWD−0.17−1.96−8.00−2.70(19, 25)
V345 PavWD−0.12−1.99−8.00−3.09(19, 25)
V866 ScoYSO0.130.80−6.14−5.81(30)