Table 1 Structures of as-prepared BMC samples preliminarily confirmed by XRD and TEM analyses.

StructureAs-prepared BMC samples
AlloyAgCu, AgBi, AgSb, HgPb, HgCd, CuSb, BiSb, PbBi, PbCd, NiCo
HybridAg/Hg, Ag/Pb, Ag/Cd, Ag/Ni, Ag/Co, Hg/Cu, Hg/Bi, Hg/Sb, Hg/
Ni, Hg/Co, Cu/Bi, Cu/Pb, Cu/Cd, Cu/Ni, Cu/Co, Bi/Cd, Bi/Ni, Bi/Co,
Pb/Sb, Pb/Ni, Pb/Co, Sb/Ni, Sb/Co
Core shellSb@Cd, Ni@Cd, Co@Cd