Table 1 Global properties of the trade networks for each resource r.

The elements are Pearson correlation coefficients. The composite supply risk Sr is negatively correlated with the largest eigenvalue, λr, and the size of the SCC, Cr. Cr is positively correlated with both the total trading volume and the scarcity of the resource. The higher the scarcity of the mineral is, the lower is the resilience to shocks of the trade risk network. These correlations cannot be explained by a potentially confounding influence of the trade volume itself, as seen by the nonsignificant correlations of λr and Cr with vr.

Correlation coefficientSrsrvr
Largest eigenvalue, λr−0.32*0.47**0.21
SCC size, Cr−0.41**0.45***0.05

*Significant at P < 0.05.

**Significant at P < 0.01.

***Significant at P < 0.001.