Table 1 Nudiviral and virulence genes expressed in V. canescens ovaries and the presence of their products in VLPs.

Nudiviral genes of unknown function are detailed in table S1. RPKM, number of Illumina reads per kilobase per million mapped reads. PSM, number of peptide spectrum matches.

Protein putative functionGene nameTranscript
OrNV homologAccession
BLASTp e value
Nudiviral genes encoding VLP components
Envelope componentpif-0 (p74)12,90054P74 protein (OrNV_gp126)YP_0023214371.0 × 10−85
pif-15,19628PIF-1 (OrNV_gp060)YP_0023213712.0 × 10−94
pif-21,98034PIF-2 (OrNV_gp017)YP_0023213289.8 × 10−112
pif-32,65512PIF-3 (OrNV_gp107)YP_0023214182.0 × 10−59
pif-47,731519-kDa protein (OrNV_gp033)YP_0023213445.0 × 10−44
pif-5-15275ODV-E56 (OrNV_gp115)YP_0023214261.0 × 10−34
pif-5-286321ODV-E56 (OrNV_gp115)YP_0023214264.8 × 10−38
pif-5-31,0489ODV-E56 (OrNV_gp115)YP_0023214261.6 × 10−29
pif-63,0112Ac68-like (OrNV_gp072)YP_0023213834.0 × 10−40
vp912,96623VP91 (OrNV_gp106)YP_0023214171.4 × 10−84
p335,5535Ac92-like (OrNV_gp113)YP_0023214248.6 × 10−48
Unknown15 other genes related to OrNV
V. canescens genes encoding VLP components
VirulencePHGPx VLP11,115134
RhoGAP VLP223,134400
Neprylisin VLP33,540138
Nudiviral genes transcribed in VLP-producing tissue not encoding VLP components
ReplicationHelicase27DNAHEL (OrNV_gp034)YP_0023213450.0
TranscriptionRNA polymerase lef-4488LEF-4 (OrNV_gp042)YP_0023213532.8 × 10−92
RNA polymerase lef-8125LEF-8 (OrNV_gp064)YP_0023213750.0
RNA polymerase lef-9724LEF-9 (OrNV_gp096)YP_0023214070.0
RNA polymerase p47916P47 (OrNV_gp020)YP_0023213311.6 × 10−97
Initiation factor lef-5245LEF-5 (OrNV_gp052)YP_0023213635.5 × 10−18
Envelope componentpif-5-42,286ODV-E56 (OrNV_gp115)YP_0023214269.1 × 10−22
Ac81-1272Ac81-like protein (OrNV_gp004)YP_0023213152.0 × 10−34
Ac81-21,777Ac81-like protein (OrNV_gp004)YP_0023213151.0 × 10−39
Ac81-31,080Ac81-like protein (OrNV_gp004)YP_0023213159.3 × 10−34
Unknown18 other genes related to OrNV