Table 1 Type, REE pattern, mass, U content, 144Nd/238U atomic ratio, and U isotopic composition of the samples analyzed in this study.

n is the number of replicate analyses for each sample (starting from digested sample). Nd/U ratios and isotopic compositions are corrected for blank contributions (see table S2). δ235U = [(235U/238U)sample/(235U/238U)CRM-112a − 1] × 103. Error bars are 95% confidence intervals. Nd/U ratio was calculated using the U concentration from the double-spike technique, and Nd concentration from the standard addition technique (see the Supplementary Materials).

Average 144Nd/238U ratios and U isotopic compositions of CAIs
SampleTypeREE patternMass (mg)U (ng)n144Nd/238U±δ235U (‰) blk corr.±
FG-1Fine-gr. CAIGroup II35.20.772156.711.62.081.54
Curious MarieFine-gr. CAIGroup II717.90.37322,64078058.932.08
CG-1Coarse-gr. CAIGroup I48.40.762120.88.81.351.52
FG-2Fine-gr. CAIGroup II50.41.532173.
FG-3Fine-gr. CAIGroup II98.34.052104.
FG-4Fine-gr. CAIGroup II349.715.7266.84.7−0.830.25
FG-5Fine-gr. CAIGroup II48.72.82254.23.90.300.59
FG-6Fine-gr. CAIGroup II54.90.3521009642.981.14
FG-7Fine-gr. CAIGroup II61.40.982555162.130.96
FG-8Fine-gr. CAIGroup II377.38.502653103.320.21
FG-9Fine-gr. CAIGroup II330.723.9244.23.11.950.14
FG-10Fine-gr. CAIGroup II15.610.2428341563.141.75
CG-2Coarse-gr. CAIGroup V200.423.0231.52.20.430.14
FG-11Fine-gr. CAIGroup II68.60.832768166.031.02
TS32Coarse-gr. CAIGroup V41.84.892322.4−0.160.30