Table 1 Parameters used in the dv/v modeling.
Glaciostatic pressurePg1600 PaFrom data
Ice areaSi6.5 × 1011 m2From data
Gravitational accelerationg9.81 m/s2
Pressure field wave numberk2π/(60 km)Jiang et al. (11)
Depth of investigationz5 kmFrom data
S-wave velocityVs3300 m/sKumar et al. (56)
Vp/Vs ratioVp/Vs1.8Kumar et al. (56)
Upper-crust densityρc2700 kg/m3Schmidt-Aursch and Jokat (57)
P-wave velocityVp = Vs(Vp/Vs)5940 m/s
Poisson’s ratioν0.2768
Young’s modulusE7.5 × 1010 Pa
Mantle viscosityη1021 Pa⋅s
Viscoelastic relaxation timeT1011 s
Lamé’s first parameterλ3.65 × 1010 Pa
Shear modulusμ2.94 × 1010 Pa
Murnaghan constantm−2.77 × 1016 PaFrom inversion
Distance from the icex12.5 km
Biot’s coefficientα0.7Tsai (34)
Hydraulic diffusivity of the crustKc0.5 m2/sShapiro et al. (58)
Angular frequencyω2π/(365 days)
Till layer thicknesszt2.85 mFrom inversion
Hydraulic diffusivity of tillKt5 × 10− 6 m2/sIverson et al. (38)