Table 1 Important attributes of the studied sites and stratigraphic and lithologic setting of shatter cones.

These observations are the result of fieldwork conducted for this study. In many instances, shatter cones have previously been recorded at these structures and references have been provided where appropriate. S, sedimentary; C, crystalline; M, mixed target of sedimentary rocks overlying crystalline basement; CU, central uplift; CFill, crater fill; X, present; np, not preserved (that is, the setting is not preserved or exposed); ?, unknown (that is, the setting is preserved and exposed, but it is unknown whether shatter cones are present); b, bedrock, lb, lithic impact breccia; mb, impact melt-bearing breccia; mr, impact melt rock.

NameDa*TargetErosional level† Stratigraphic and lithologic setting in crater
Haughton23S2Xb [cf., (64)]Xlb,mrXmrXlb,mr
Mistastin28C2Xb [cf., (66)]?npXlb,mb
Ries26M2Xb [cf., (65)]XmbXX [cf., (40, 65)]
Sierra Madera20S6Xb [cf., (30)]Xlb [cf., (30)]npnp
Slate Islands30C6Xb [cf., (32)]Xlb [cf., (32)]npnp
Tunnunik28S6Xb [cf., (18)]Xlbnpnp
West Clearwater36C4Xb [cf., (67)]XmrXlb,mb,mrnp

*Apparent crater diameter. For Sierra Madera, we have updated the diameter on the basis of this study (see Table 2).

†Erosional level: 1, ejecta largely preserved; 2, ejecta partly preserved, rim partly preserved; 3, ejecta eroded, rim partly preserved; 4, rim largely eroded, crater-fill breccias/melt rocks preserved; 5, crater-fill breccias/melt rocks partly preserved; 6, crater-fill breccias/melt rocks eroded, isolated breccia dikes; 7, eroded below crater floor.