Table 2 Impact of ECF vaccination on milk production and prevention of mortality.
Average milk (liters)
per cow
Total ECF
attributable deaths
Adult ECF
attributable deaths
1- to 2-year-old ECF
attributable deaths
Calves ECF
attributable deaths
Fraction of vaccinated adults0.080***
Number of vaccinated cattle†‡−0.056*
Number of cattle0.239***
Number of vaccinated adults†‡0.010
Number of adult cattle0.089
Number of vaccinated 1- to 2-year-old cattle†‡0.004
Number of 1- to 2-year-old cattle0.148**
Number of vaccinated calves†‡−0.086***
Number of calves0.228***
Fraction of exotic breed0.187***−0.173***−0.265**−0.153*−0.118*
Grazing management§0.092**0.093*0.0680.198***−0.003
Intercept term−0.1901.089***0.495−0.197−0.378
Number of observations386349351352352
R2, pseudo-R20.420.

*P = 0.1 (level of significance).

**P = 0.05 (level of significance).

***P = 0.01 (level of significance).

†Elasticities (continuous regressors).

‡Predicted value.

§Percent change (binary regressors).