Table 1 Determinants of ECF vaccine adoption.
Number of vaccinated
adult cattle
Number of vaccinated 1- to
2-year-old cattle
Number of vaccinated
Number of cattle0.235***0.375***0.562***
Fraction of exotic breed0.490***0.443***0.665***
Expected milk loss due to ECF0.111***0.0440.043*
Vaccine information source: Nongovernmental organization0.086*0.0510.022
Vaccine information source: Farmers0.0140.0610.106**
Service provider: Community animal health worker−0.375***0.028−0.019
Service provider: Veterinary supply shop−0.144***−0.091**−0.147*
Intercept term0.971−0.079−0.578
Number of observations356356356
R2, pseudo-R20.440.420.50

*P = 0.1 (level of significance).

**P = 0.05 (level of significance).

***P = 0.01 (level of significance).

†Elasticities (continuous regressors).

‡Percent change (binary regressors).