Table 3 Parameter estimates for expenditures on education, human health, and food.
Education expenditureHuman health expenditureFood expenditure
Number of vaccinated cattle†‡0.088**0.0420.056***
Household size0.701***0.351***0.326***
Off-farm income, ≤5000 KSh§Base case
Off-farm income, 5000–10,000 KSh§0.0910.044−0.083
Off-farm income, 10,000–20,000 KSh§0.498***0.456***0.182*
Off-farm income, 20,000–40,000 KSh§0.549*0.573**0.108
Off-farm income, 40,000–80,000 KSh§0.707**0.350*0.204***
Off-farm income, >80,000 KSh§1.005***0.707**0.145
Intercept term1.916***0.823***0.184**
Number of observations346350346
R2, pseudo-R20.260.150.27

*P = 0.1 (level of significance).

**P = 0.05 (level of significance).

***P = 0.01 (level of significance).

†Elasticities (continuous regressors).

‡Predicted value.

§Coefficients (binary regressors).