Table 4 IFL area reduction inside and outside IUCN category I to III PAs.

Area-based estimate represents area calculated from the map. Sample-based estimate is based on matching sampling analysis performed only within portions of IFLs vulnerable for degradation. This analysis only considers the reduction of IFL area 2000–2013 that was not attributed to fire.

RegionArea-based estimateSample-based estimate and standard error (SE)
IFL 2000 within
IUCN category
I–III PAs (%)
IFL area reduction
within PAs (%)
IFL area reduction
outside PAs (%)
IFL area reduction
within PAs, % (SE, %)
IFL area reduction
outside PAs, % (SE, %)
Africa10.81.611.25.5 (0.72)25 (1.37)
Australia and New Zealand47.49.620.554.6 (1.57)44.1 (1.57)
Temperate South America43. (0.40)1.1 (0.33)
Tropical South America15. (0.86)14.6 (1.12)
Temperate North America34. (0.70)24.6 (1.36)
Temperate Northern Eurasia7. (0.56)17.5 (1.20)
Southeast Asia12.74.615.26.8 (0.80)17.9 (1.21)