Table 1 List of operators performed by the two parties.

The table shows Alice’s four measurement operators and her three repreparation operators, which Alice applies when her outcome is |0〉; when Alice’s outcome is |1〉, Alice performs the identity. Bob’s 10 unitary operators are shown in the third column.

Alice’s measurement operatorsAlice’s repreparation operatorsBob’s unitary operators
(1) Embedded Image(1) Embedded Image(1) Embedded Image(6) Embedded Image
(2) Embedded Image(2) Embedded Image(2) Embedded Image(7) Embedded Image
(3) Embedded Image(3) Embedded Image(3) Embedded Image(8) Embedded Image
(4) Embedded Image(4) Embedded Image(9) Embedded Image
(5) Embedded Image(10) Embedded Image