Table 2 Comparison between annual deforestation estimates.

(A) Current study (human clearing of primary forests), (B) PRODES, and (C) Souza et al. (20). Total difference between (A) and (C), and (B) and (C) is calculated only for 2001–2010 because of the absence of Souza et al. (20) estimates for 2011–2013.

Area of deforestation (Mha)
(A) Sample1.512.302.772.592.331.521.381.240.730.560.650.530.6318.72
(B) PRODES1.822.172.542.781.901.431.171.290.750.700.640.460.5918.22
(C) Souza et al. (20)1.722.332.222.442.221.601.381.241.200.5516.91
Difference between estimates (%)
Sample versus PRODES
(A − B)/A × 100%
Sample versus Souza
(A − C)/A × 100%
PRODES versus Souza
(B − C)/B × 100%