Table 1 Bioclimatic variables included in this study.
Bioclimatic variableAcronym
Annual mean temperatureAMT
Mean diurnal rangeMDR
Temperature seasonalityTSEA
Maximum temperature of warmest monthMAXTWM
Minimum temperature of coldest monthMINTCM
Temperature annual rangeTRANGE
Mean temperature of wettest quarterTWETQ
Mean temperature of driest quarterTDQ
Mean temperature of warmest quarterTWARQ
Mean temperature of coldest quarterTCQ
Annual precipitationAP
Precipitation of wettest monthPWETM
Precipitation of driest monthPDM
Precipitation seasonalityPSEA
Precipitation of wettest quarterPWETQ
Precipitation of driest quarterPDQ
Precipitation of warmest quarterPWARQ
Precipitation of coldest quarterPCQ