Table 1 Phenotypic and molecular characteristics of the MDST models.

Growth rate is expressed as the average change in volume (mm3) per day ± SD (n = 8 to 14). Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) score is based on the levels of Ctnnb1, Cdh1, Cldn7, mir200a, Snai1, Twist1, Tgfb1, and Zeb (table S1). A detailed histopathological examination of each MDST is presented in section S1. Statistical analysis of growth rate differences between MDSTs is reported in table S5. SG-CDH1+, slow-growing, CDH1-positive (<55 mm3/day); FG-CDH1+, fast-growing, CDH1-positive (>55 mm3/day); FG-mixed, fast-growing, mixed; FGM, fast-growing/mesenchymal; N/A, not applicable.

MDSTGrowth rate (mm3/day)HistologySubclassCDH1 statusInflammatory infiltrationEMT score
LPA2-T3322.45 (±10.45), n = 12AdenocarcinomaSG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderated−10
ATXLPA2-T2622.84 (±14.82), n = 11High-grade adenocarcinomaSG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderated−3.3
LPA3-T1333.07 (±19.5), n = 8AdenocarcinomaSG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderated−13.76
LPA1-T2235.46 (±24.49), n = 9AdenocarcinomaSG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderated−6.6
ATXLPA1-T2249.09 (±16.85), n = 11High-grade adenocarcinomaSG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderated−7.5
LPA2-T1667.19 (±18.82), n = 10AdenocarcinomaFG-CDH1+PositiveMixed/moderatedN/A
ATXLPA2-T1684.46 (±50.91), n = 13High-grade carcinomaFG-mixedMixedMixed/moderated−0.5
LPA1-T12755.93 (±23.35), n = 14High-grade sarcomaFGMNegativeMixed/moderatedN/A
LPA1-T1789.35 (±28.82), n = 13High-grade sarcomaFGMNegativeN/AN/A
LPA1-T12104.02 (±29.13), n = 8High-grade sarcomaFGMNegativeMixed/moderated+13
LPA2-T43144.12 (±78.17), n = 14High-grade sarcomaFGMNegativeN/A+16.9
LPA2-T13168.35 (±98.56), n = 10High-grade sarcomaFGMNegativeN/A+13.5