Table 1 All the tweets associated with Viña et al. (1) were associated with native forests and not tree plantations.
Tweets classified by categoryNumber of tweets
Forest regrowth44
  Logging bans are helping to boost China’s forest regrowth42
  China’s forest regrowth may be receiving a boost from logging bans via @ScienceAdvances1
  50New #ScienceAdvances: Logging Bans Are Working to Boost China’s Forest Regrowth1
Forest recovery20
  #Effects of conservation policy on China’s forest recovery3
  China is increasing tree cover. Effects of conservation policy on China’s forest recovery15
  Conservation policy has increased forest recovery in 1.6% of China’s territory via @ScienceAdvances1
  China gov logging bans & monitoring to prevent illegal logging has been instrumental in enhancing forest recovery1
  Encouraging on China’s reforestation gains since 20002
  Dinamiche di ricostituzione della foresta in Cina1
Forest conservation3
  Look at the #forests conservation policy in China over the past decade plus #IntForestDay2
  In #China, #forest conservation policy appears to be working. Important @ScienceAdvances study1