Table 2 Examples of how news articles referring to Viña et al. (1) were coded. Note that the codes are in bold.
ClassificationExample quotes
Native forest“China’s success in forest conservation” (14)
“The president has pledged to increase forest cover by 40 million hectares by 2020” (15)
“The national logging ban has boosted forest growth” (16)
“As the Chinese government has contended, the program is working and forests are recovering” (17)
“Government intervention—in the form of logging bans and monitoring activities to prevent illegal logging—was instrumental in enhancing forest recovery” (18)
“The government in Beijing set about a massive program of reforestation” (19)
“The national logging ban has boosted forest growth.” (16)
Tree cover“The program is working and forests are recovering, with about 1.6 percent, or nearly 61,000 square miles, of China’s territory seeing a significant
gain in tree cover.” (17)
“According to Tim Forsyth, the paper’s focus on tree cover offers only ‘a very reduced vision of forests,’ because it does not take account of the
quality of the forest or its impact on biodiversity” (20)
Plantations“Note that tree plantations as well as natural forests figured into this analysis” (18)
“Laurance added that from a biodiversity and climate perspective, the forest regrowth represents mixed results because many of the trees that
have been planted are not native to the country. In addition, many of the new trees are part of single-species plantations, often replacing
biologically diverse forests” (16)
“WWF’s director of forests Rod Taylor says the news is positive for China, but agrees this kind of satellite imagery analysis ‘can miss lots of
shades of grey.’ For instance, it can’t differentiate single species plantations from rainforest or identify selective logging of high-value wood in
tropical forests, he says.” (20)
Afforestation“Low resolution could hide even greater success of afforestation policy” (20)