Table 5 Significantly enriched functional groups within outlier windows.
Window typeFunctional groupBonferroni step-down corrected P
HIAmino acid transport9.0995 × 10−4
HINegative regulation of G protein–coupled receptor protein signaling pathway1.6878 × 10−4
HIPositive regulation of translation0.0492
HIRegulation of guanosine triphosphatase activity1.5561 × 10−5
HIRegulation of autophagy0.0012
HIRegulation of muscle system process1.4758 × 10−5
SIBehavioral response to nicotine1.1522 × 10−4
SICell differentiation in the spinal cord0.0026
SICell differentiation involved in kidney development0.0016
SIErythrocyte homeostasis0.0205
SIPalate development0.0201
SIRegulation of BMP signaling pathway0.0257
SIRegulation of mRNA processing0.0069
SIRegulation of organ growth0.0116
PICellular response to retinoic acid0.0042
PIDorsal/ventral pattern formation0.0027
PINegative regulation of innate immune response0.0081
PINegative regulation of stress-activated mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade0.0027
PIRegulation of anion transmembrane transport0.0017