Table 1 Optimization of the isomerizing ethenolysis of RME.

Conditions for entries 3 to 12: 2.50 mmol of RME (based on methyl oleate), ethylene, Ru-cat., Ru-CAAC, IC-1, neat, 16 hours, 60°C.

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EntryRu-cat. (mol %)Ru-CAAC (mol %)IC-1 (mol %)Ethylene (ml)Reaction temperature (°C)Average MCLEvenness of the curve
1Isomerizing hexenolysis (see above)5015.0Excellent
2Sequential isomerizing ethenolysis5013.7Good
3Ru-1 (0.05)0.05300 (at 6 bar)50No conversion
4Ru-1 (0.10)0.10206018.0Poor
5Ru-5 (0.10)0.10206015.3Fair
6Ru-7 (0.10)0.10206015.2Good
7Ru-11 (0.10)0.10206015.3Fair
8Ru-5 (0.10)0.40206015.8Fair
9Ru-7 (0.10)0.40206015.5Excellent
10Ru-11 (0.10)0.40206015.4Excellent
11Ru-11 (0.10)0.100.40206015.3Excellent
12Ru-11 (0.10)0.100.40300 (at 6 bar)6014.4Excellent
13Ru-11 (0.10)0.100.40Constant stream6012.9Excellent