Table 1 Results for nematode communities’ responses to experimental warming and plant species richness based on linear mixed-effects models.

Statistical significance is based on Wald type II χ² tests. Significant effects (P < 0.05) are given in bold. All regression coefficients are based on rescaled response variables. Please find the details of nematode responses in table S4 (mean responses with SD and number of samples). PSR, plant species richness; ENS, effective number of species; MTD, mean taxonomic distance.

Nematode responsesPSRWarmingPSR × warming
Pielou’s evenness0.0010.0760.247−0.200−2.1670.0360.0090.9620.335
Rarefied richness−0.003−0.2380.120−0.282−3.1410.0040.0151.5910.111
Mean (rank abundance distribution)−0.004−0.3150.4860.0570.6070.534−0.002−0.2320.816
SD (rank abundance distribution)−0.005−0.4160.3170.1531.6120.052−0.003−0.3190.750