Table 1 Characteristics of the analytic sample in baseline and follow-up survey.

JPY, Japanese Yen.

Baseline survey in August 2010Follow-up survey in October 2013
  Group relocation792.4
  Individual relocation962.9
Loss of relatives and/or friends
Equivalent income
  Under 2.0 million JPY136548.6152352.9
  2.0 million JPY and over144251.4135447.1
Employment status
Marital status (divorce or bereavement)
  No (married)240474.0230569.6
Living alone
Depressive symptoms
  Lower risk (≤4)205469.6203868.4
  Higher risk (≥5)89930.494331.6
Mutual help
  1: Not at all, 5: Very much33213.540.8233463.540.79
  1: Not at all, 5: Very much33523.760.7633723.740.71
Community attachment
  1: Not at all, 5: Very much33444.000.8233753.960.82
Frequency meeting with friends
  1: Rarely, 6: Almost everyday32893.761.4733753.661.55
Number of friends who met for the past month
  1: None, 5: 10 or more32603.611.2633683.451.34
Frequency participating to sports club
  1: None, 6: Almost everyday28801.881.4432801.811.43
Frequency participating to hobby club
  1: None, 6: Almost everyday29362.281.4632871.931.39
Sex (time-invariant variable)
Educational attainment (time-invariant variable)
  9 years and under115935.1
  10 years and over214064.9

*Almost all items include missing values (overall analytic sample is 3421).

†Empty cells at baseline due to data taken before the disaster.

‡Empty cells at follow-up due to time-invariant variables.