Table 1 Kendall correlation coefficients of predictor performance (AUC) versus t and ρ.

Estimates are median values of bootstrap distributions and confidence intervals are calculated at the 95% level. P values result from permutation tests with 10,000 permutations of the AUC values. AUCs of both sexual orientation and relationship status increase monotonically with t and ρ. This effect is multiplicative, reaching high τ values for the correlation between AUC and the product of t and ρ. All these observations are robust to the same tests with partial correlation coefficients and significant with P < 0.05 in permutation tests.

CoefficientSexual orientationRelationship status
EstimateConfidence intervalPEstimateConfidence intervalP
τ(AUC, t)0.4760.465–0.488<0.050.5820.573–0.592<0.05
τ(AUC, ρ)0.5690.558–0.578<0.050.4640.453–0.475<0.05
τ(AUC, t·ρ)0.9510.949–0.952<0.050.9410.940–0.943<0.05
τ(AUC, t | ρ)0.5790.573–0.585<0.050.6570.652–0.663<0.05
τ(AUC, ρ | t)0.6470.641–0.653<0.050.5710.565–0.577<0.05
τ(AUC, ρ | t)0.9360.935–0.938<0.050.9180.917–0.920<0.05
τ(AUC, ρ | ρ)0.9300.928–0.932<0.050.9260.924–0.927<0.05