Table 1 Test statistics of wing length, hemolymph lysozyme-like activity, and titer of disseminated dengue virus.

Wing length was compared with an analysis of variance. The proportion of hemolymph extracts with detectable antibacterial activity were analyzed with a logistic regression and analysis of deviance. FFU counts in head tissues were log10-transformed and compared with an analysis of variance. With the exception of wing length, the model includes the effect of the isolate (Ssp_ivi, Esp_ivi, Rsp_ivi, and nonaxenic), the experiment (two repetitions), and their interaction. Df, degrees of freedom; LR, likelihood ratio. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.

Wing length
Isolate39.4158.635 × 10−6***
Lysozyme-like activity in adult hemolymph
DfLR χ2P
Isolate × experiment33.2720.3516
Dengue virus FFU in adult head tissues
Isolate × experiment31.4340.2355