Table 1 Summary of flow properties of the 2010 deployment (numbering correspond to Fig. 3A).
Duration (days)
Maximum thickness (m)53574869776862
Maximum ADCP velocity (m/s)
Average ADCP velocity (m/s)
Front propagation velocity (m/s)
Average height of maximum velocity above the bed (m)
Time of maximum velocity after arrival of the flow front (min)25341008252536
Average sediment concentration (%vol)*0.0180.0200.0200.0230.0200.0170.020
Peak sediment concentration (%vol)*0.0760.0470.0860.1630.1680.1550.116
Maximum flow discharge (103 m3/s)
Average flow discharge (103 m3/s)
Maximum sediment discharge (103 kg/s)*
Average sediment discharge (103 kg/s)*
Water volume displaced (km3)
Sediment volume displaced (Mt)*
Organic carbon displaced (Mt)

*Assuming a uniform grain size of 4.23 μm for inverting ADCP backscatter to sediment concentration (see Materials and Methods).

†Assuming an average carbon content of 3 to 5% weight, as measured within turbidity current deposits on the Congo Fan (see Materials and Methods) (37).