Table 1 Parameters used to describe the experimental results.

Resistivity (ρN), Seebeck coefficient (SN), spin diffusion length (λN), spin Hall angle (θSH), and spin Nernst angle (θSN) of the HM layer and resistivity (ρF), Seebeck coefficient (SF), anomalous Hall angle (θAH), and anomalous Nernst angle (θAN) of the FM layer in the HM/FM/MgO heterostructure. Re[GMIX] and Im[GMIX] represent the real and imaginary parts of the spin-mixing conductance GMIX at the HM/FM interface. N/A, not applicable. Ω, ohm; μΩ, microohm.

Film structureHM layerFM layerInterface
(μΩ·cm)(μV/K)(nm)(μΩ·cm)(μV/K)−1 cm−2)−1 cm−2)
Ta/CoFeB183−20.5−0.13N/A160−40.04−0.252 × 1010−20 × 1010
W/CoFeB130−121.1−0.28Varied160−40.04−0.252 × 1010−5 × 1010