Table 2 Results of post hoc (ANOVA) comparisons of bone CSG properties and linear regression standardized residuals.

All ANOVAs are significant to P < 0.001. Bold indicates significant post hoc P values. All values of J were size-standardized. Run, endurance runners; FB, football players; Row, rowers; Neo, neolithic; BA, Bronze Age; IA, Iron Age; Med, Medieval period; SR Hum:Tib, standardized residuals of regression of humeral and tibial J.

Bone variableNeoBAIAMedRunFBRow
Tibial Imax/Imin
Tibial J
Left humeral J*
Right humeral J
SR Hum:Tib J

*Kruskal-Wallis test was performed due to non-normality of distribution in one of the groups, with two-tailed Mann-Whitney post hoc comparisons.

†Small sample size (n = 6).