Table 3 Steps adapted from a general process for mapping knowledge domains were implemented to build a co-citation network from bibliographic data.
StepGeneral process (29)Implementation in this study
1. Data acquisitionSelect an appropriate data source.Search the Web of Science Core Collection for articles from different research areas whose titles contain “system(s) thinking” to export database entries.
2. ProcessingSelect a unit of analysis and extract the necessary data from the selected sources.Select cited reference list from each document’s bibliographic entry and use R to merge duplicate citations for co-citation analysis.
3. AnalysisChoose an appropriate similarity measure and then calculate similarity values.Calculate co-citation network using Science of Science (Sci2) and apply multiple thresholds to reveal different co-citation levels.
4. VisualizationCreate a data layout using a clustering or ordination algorithm.Perform SLM community detection to group co-cited documents and use Cytoscape to visualize the network, communities, and co-cited documents.