Table 1 Comparison of basal spacings of Ti3C2Tx made by different methods.
Etching systemProcessingBasal spacing (Å)Δd001 (Å)*Reference
10% HFUndisturbed multilayered stacks, dry~100(6, 22)
10% HFUndisturbed multilayered stacks, still wet13.53.5(9)
10% HFDelaminated and restacked15.15.1(9)
HCl + LiFDisc (pressed at 300 MPa)15.05(12)
HCl + LiFSpray-coated film (from delaminated suspension)14.754.75(25)
HCl + LiFThick film via filtration of delaminated suspension15.25.2(26)
HCl + LiFSpincoating (single- to few-layer flakes)15 ± 2§5(27)
10% HFDisc (pressed at 300 MPa)155This work

*Measured as the expansion from fully collapsed dry structure with d001 = 10 Å.

†Pressed-disc data not included in published report.

‡From reported d(002)/2.

§Monolayer with H2O via atomic force microscopy.