Table 2 Compilation of basal spacings of pressure-induced expansion in materials in the literature.
MaterialΔd001 (Å)Pressure (GPa)Reference
Ti3C2Tx2.5*/50.3 (uniaxial, ex situ)This work
0.16*/2.660.32 (quasi-hydrostatic)§
0.69*/3.19After unloading from 4.98 (quasi-hydrostatic)
Na-fluorohectorite (a clay mineral)2*2.5 (hydostatic)§(34)
Kaolinite1.5*/2.40.1 (hydrostatic, over 65 hours)§(35)
GO2.5*/6.91.25 (hydrostatic)§(1)

d defined as difference between the phase after pressure is applied and highest d spacing observed from ambient-pressure hydration.

†Δd defined as difference between pressure-hydrated phase and dried, fully collapsed structure.

‡Maximum pressure applied (ex situ experiments).

§Pressure at which the expansion was observed to occur.