Table 1 Phenotypic differences and famine exposure.
ControlsFamine exposure
Age (years) [SD]+58.0 [5.4]58.9 [0.5]***
Male (%)43.046.0
BMI1 [SD]27.0 [4.2]28.5 [5.0]***
LDL-C2 [SD]3.42 [0.96]3.45 [0.97]
Triglycerides2 [SD]1.48 [0.86]1.68 [1.30]**
Glucose baseline3 [SD]5.32 [0.93]5.52 [1.19]*

Nominal P value either *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 or ***P < 0.001 from a linear mixed-effects model with the denoted variable as the dependent variable and family identifier as random effect.

+Model included an additional random effect for exposure status to control for the difference in variance in age between groups.

1Model-applied correction for age and gender.

2Model-applied correction for age, gender, and statin used, and individuals who were nonfasting at examination were excluded (excluding two controls and five famine-exposed individuals).

3Model-applied correction for age and gender. Individuals who were nonfasting and had prediagnosed diabetes (thus receiving treatment) before the clinical examination were excluded (excluding 19 controls and 32 famine-exposed individuals).