Table 1 Statistical significance (P values) of PGLS regressions based on resampling permutations (n = 1000).

Statistically significant (at the P = 0.05 level) regressions shown in boldfaced font. For combined regression analyses of multiple variables, none are statistically significant; P values of the individual factors are shown in those cases. For sensitivity analyses, see table S4.

Number of species533122
GMM data (G)
  G1. CS0.030.170.04
Locomotion and activity (LA)
  LA1. Activity cycle0.360.600.67
  LA2. Terrestriality/arboreality0.620.470.61
  LA3. Habitat breadth0.640.660.61
  LA1 + 2 + 30.44/0.76/0.760.65/0.79/0.420.68/0.93/0.86
Feeding ecology (FE)
  FE1. Dietary breadth0.010.310.003
  FE2. Trophic level0.030.080.03
  FE1 + 20.03/0.030.40/0.130.01/0.04
Life history (LH)
  LH1. Longevity0.180.240.36
  LH2. Age at sexual maturity0.020.030.65
  LH1 + LH20.40/0.060.29/0.130.86/0.77
Environmental variables (EV)
  EV1. Mean precipitation0.060.390.08
  EV2. Mean temperature0.450.440.38
  EV1 + 20.07/0.350.43/0.410.14/0.84