Table 1 Quality metrics for this assembly compared to previous donkey genome assemblies.

The number of annotated genes (lower than that in previous assemblies) shows a better homologous correspondence with the horse gene set (see Gene annotation).

This studyHuang et al. (15)Orlando et al. (2)
N50 contigs140.3 kb66.7 kb6.38 kb
N50 scaffolds15.4 Mb3.8 Mb100.94 kb
Total bases2.320 Gb2.391 Gb2.293 Gb
Largest scaffold84.20 Mb17.06 Mb1.09 Mb
Unresolved bases per 100 kb1121.611384.934128.43
Total number of predicted protein-coding genes18,98423,850*24,156

*Calculated using one isoform per gene and 42,247 total transcripts.