Table 1 Rice-wheat differences in sitting alone.

Rice-wheat differences in sitting alone.. Note that day of the week is coded numerically: Monday, 1 to Sunday, 7. Time of day is rounded to the nearest hour. Model is a hierarchical linear model (HLM) using the binomial GLMER function. Data are grouped at the city level in each model except the model with district GDP per capita. Table S10 presents models with districts nested within cities.

Percent rice−0.420.16−2.570.010
Time of day−0.070.01−6.55<0.001
Day of the week−0.070.01−6.46<0.001
Percent rice−0.430.14−2.970.003
Time of day−0.070.01−6.77<0.001
Day of the week−0.070.01−6.38<0.001
International chain0.
Percent rice−0.450.17−2.700.007
Time of day−0.060.01−6.60<0.001
Day of the week−0.070.01−6.62<0.001
City GDP per capita0.0180.0053.380.001
Percent rice−0.560.09−6.37<0.001
Time of day−0.070.01−5.50<0.001
Day of the week−0.070.01−5.82<0.001
City population density0.020.030.590.559
Percent rice−0.510.22−2.330.020
Time of day−0.070.01−5.65<0.001
Day of the week−0.070.01−5.87<0.001
District GDP per capita0.0100.0061.740.082
Percent rice−0.530.16−3.390.001