Table 1 Characteristics of the observed evening events.

All 25 events were classified into three groups (Minimum, Medium, and Maximum growth events) based on the size of the clusters at the end of the growth process (second column). The number of events in each class is indicated in the first column. Cluster ion (1.5 nm) formation rates (J1.5) and cluster growth rate in the range of 1.5 to 3 nm (GR1.5–3) are reported in the third and fourth columns, respectively. The reported values are given as mean ± 1σ, either calculated from all events or from events of the specified type.

Type of events (frequency)Final cluster sizeEmbedded Image (×10−1 cm−3)GR1.5−3 (nm hour−1)
All events2.6 ± 2.32.8 ± 1.4
Minimum growth events (18)<3 nm2.1 ± 1.62.5 ± 1.3
Medium growth events (4)Between 3 and 4 nm3.5 ± 2.73.2 ± 0.9
Maximum growth events (3)>4 nm5.5 ± 3.94.0 ± 2.1