Table 2 Analytical methods.
TechniqueAbbreviationDescription of dataData constrain
Inductively coupled plasma
atomic emission spectroscopy
ICP-AESElemental abundancesHow much of the nonvolatile components
in the projectile are present in impact
glasses and breccias
X-ray diffractionXRDDiffraction pattern whose peaks correspond
to minerals and amorphous material in
impact glasses and breccias
How much crystalline antigorite exists in
impact glasses and breccias
scanning calorimetry
TG/DTG/DSCMass loss, rate of mass loss, and heat
flow into samples during heating
Bulk water content of impact glasses and
breccias; distribution of water between
impact glass and antigorite; water
delivery efficiency
Fourier transform infrared
FTIRAbsorbance spectrumTotal and molecular water content in
field of view; speciation of OH versus
H2O in impact glasses
Electron microprobeEMPIn situ compositions of antigorite relicsHydration state of antigorite clasts