Table 1 Models fitted for species rarefaction curves obtained from UVC, BRUVS, and eDNA using the nls function in the stats package and the AICc for small sample bias (package AICmodavg).

The best-fitting model for each sampling technique is in bold, whereas the overall best-fitting model (all three techniques) is underlined.

ModelFormulaAsymptoticNumber of parametersAICc
PowerS = aXbNo2−434552814
ExponentialS = a + b log(X)No219121023
Negative exponentialS = a(1 − ebX)Yes2494028124
Negative exponentialS = a + (ba)ecXYes3609−67519
MonodS = a/(1 + bX− 1)Yes223211855
Rational functionS = (a + bX)/(1 + cX)Yes32562421−49