Table 1 Characteristics of rice lines used.
86Y8ChinaHybridBred for disease-resistance; high ripening rate
BekoaobaJapanJaponicaBred for lodging resistance, used in silage
Hokuriku 193JapanIndicaHigh-yielding, blast-resistant
HoshiaobaJapanJaponicaCultivar used for silage and bioenergy
IR72PhilippinesIndicaSemi-dwarf, often used as check cultivar
KoshihikariJapanJaponicaWidely grown in Japan
LemontUnited StatesJaponicaSemi-dwarf grown in Mississippi Delta
Milyang 23KoreaIndicaHigh-yielding, cadmium accumulator
MomiromanJapanJaponicaMedium grain, high-yielding variety
Liang You 084ChinaHybridGrown extensively in southeast China
TakanariJapanIndicaWidely grown in Japan
Wuyunjing 21ChinaJaponicaGrown extensively in East China
Wuyunjing 23ChinaJaponicaGrown extensively in East China
Yangdao 6 haoChinaIndicaGrown extensively in East and Central China
YliangyouChinaHybridRecently introduced (2008) hybrid line
Yongyou 2640ChinaHybridWidely planted in lower Yangtze River
Zhonghua 11ChinaJaponicaDisease-resistant line used in breeding