Table 1 Benchmark of SWM compared to previous Rosetta FARFAR over different classes of RNA structure motifs.
CategoryMotif propertiesBest of five cluster centers
No. of motifsLength*Strands*SWMFARFARSWMFARFAR
Single helix or multiple helices with crystallographic context provided
  Trans-helix loop15610.833.291.000.77
  Apical loop44.511.142.961.001.00
  Two-way junction147.520.741.151.001.00
  Multi-helix junction51131.911.930.800.33
  Tertiary contact108.521.251.780.830.50
Multiple helices without crystallographic context provided
  Two-way junction15721.591.401.000.55
  Multi-helix junction51032.603.450.400.20
  Tertiary contact88.522.892.130.360.20
  Non-helix embedded51042.814.300.800.71

*Median values reported. Mean values given in tables S3 and S4.

†Fraction of non–Watson-Crick pairs from experimental structure observed in computational model.