Table 1 List of the studied magnetic multilayers investigated.

The saturation magnetization Ms, the uniaxial anisotropy Hk, the measured domain periodicity, the estimated DW width, and the comparison of estimations of D with a fixed DW energy [Keff model (39)], (Δ, λ, ψ) model, and the present full micromagnetic model are given for each multilayer. Two multilayers are not labeled as they have not been studied by CD-XRMS but only characterized by MFM to determine D with the different models.

No.Multilayer stackMs
(kA m−1)
(mJ m−2)
(mJ m−2)
(mJ m−2)
I//Pt 10/[Ir 1/Co 0.6/Pt 1]5/Pt 38403301677.27−1.46−1.43−2.30
II//Pt 10/[Ir 1/Co 0.8/Pt 1]5/Pt 312296401504.13−2.13−2.00−2.00
III//Pt 11/[Co 0.8/Ir 1/Pt 1]5/Pt 36375162787.081.481.451.37
IV//Ta 5/Pt 10/[Co 0.8/Ir 1/Pt 1]5/Pt 36837484885.771.691.641.63
V//Pt 11/[Co 0.8/Ir 1/Pt 1]10/Pt 36375162446.031.531.501.52
VI//Ta 5/Pt 10/[Co 0.8/Ir 1/Pt 1]10/Pt 384710882504.
VII//Ta 15/Co 0.8/[Pt 1/Ir 1/Co 0.8]10/Pt 39575002565.00−1.26−1.21−1.14
//Ta 10/Pt 7/[Pt 1/Co 0.6/Al2O3 1]20/Pt 313444691904.061.400.881.29
VIII//Ta 10/Pt 7/[Pt 1/Co 0.8/Al2O3 1]20/Pt 313733581753.721.201.201.01
//Ta 10/[Al2O3 1/Co 0.6/Pt 1/]20/Pt 711203321314.79−1.91−1.93−1.94
IX//Ta 10/[Al2O3 1/Co 0.8/Pt 1/]20/Pt 712452281314.33−1.76−1.78−1.69