Table 1 Optimization conditions.

Optimization conditions.. Formulations used to design cortisol-selective polymers.

The values are calculated by taking the ratio of slope of each sensor calibration curve for each molecularly imprinted and nonimprinted control polymer (Fig. 3, B and C, and figs. S1 to S5). The starting concentration of cortisol is 0.2 mmol in each condition. Control polymers are not included in the table; they were prepared exactly as corresponding selective polymer but without the template. AIBN, azobisisobutyronitrile.

MembraneMonomerCross-linkerInitiatorSolventRatio*ConditionsSensing factor
A1618MAAEDMAAIBNAcetonitrile1:6:18UV, 4°C, 30 hours4.2
M1618MAAEDMAAIBNMethanol1:6:18UV, 4°C, 30 hours5.1
D1618MAAEDMAAIBNDCM1:6:18UV, 4°C, 30 hours5.4
D1630MAAEDMAAIBNDCM1:6:30UV, 4°C, 30 hours10.1
D1660MAAEDMAAIBNDCM1:6:60UV, 4°C, 30 hours2.2
30 hours

*Molar ratio of template/functional monomer/cross-linker.

†Calculated based on each sensor device’s performance to express imprinting efficiency.