Table 4 Hydrogenolysis scale-up of consumer polymer products using [Ru(triphos)tmm] (A)/[Ru(triphos-xyl)tmm] (B) and HNTf2.*
EntryConversion (%)Selectivity (%)Polymer source (g)Catalyst (mol %)
1>99>99Drinking cup, PLA (11.4)A 0.05
2>99980.5-Liter water bottle, PET (13.2) + screw cap, PP and labeling, PE (2.9)B 0.2
3>99>990.5-Liter water bottle, PET (13.2)B 0.1
4>99>99CD, PC (16.1)A 0.5

*Reaction conditions: The reactions were performed in a 500-ml steel autoclave using 16-hour reaction time, x mol % [Ru(triphos)tmm] (A) and HNTf2, 140°C, 120 ml of 1,4-dioxane, and 90-bar constant hydrogen pressure.

†Conversion and selectivity were determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy using mesitylene as internal standard.

‡[Ru(triphos-xyl)tmm] (B) and HNTf2 were used.