Table 1 Self-esterification of benzyl alcohol to benzyl benzoate in various ILs.

Reaction conditions: Benzyl alcohol (2 mmol), 1 MPa O2, 2 g of ILs (12 hours, 80°C). Yields were determined using gas chromatography (GC).

Embedded Image
EntryILsConversion (%)Yield (%)
1[EMIM] OAc>9994
2[EMIM] TFA100
3[EMIM] HSO4160
4[EMIM] BF430
5[EMIM] N(CN)2<10
6[OMIM] OAc<10
7*[N4,4,4,4] OAc260

*Benzyl alcohol (2 mmol), 1 MPa O2, 2 g of ILs, 4 hours, 110°C.

†Benzyl alcohol (2 mmol), 2 MPa O2, 0.4 g of NH4Ac, 2 g of DMSO, 12 hours, 80°C.