Table 1 Performance summary of OLEDs and OPD studied in this work.
GreenRedAt λ = 520 nmAt λ = 610 nm
EQE (%)21.920.8R (A/W)0.290.21
Power efficiency (lm W−1)59.829.3D*(ideal) (Jones)4.3 × 10123.1 × 1012
Turn on voltage (V)2.82.1D*(typical) (Jones)3.2 × 10102.3 × 1010

*The detailed device characteristics are presented in section S1. EQE and power efficiency values were measured at 1000 cd m−2.

D* was estimated using the magnitude of dark current recorded at V = −60 mV and equivalent shunt resistance estimated from the dark J-V characteristics. For details on the estimation of D*, please refer to the description provided in section S1.