Table 1 Comparison of the membrane characteristics for both porous and patterned graphenes.

The pore size, pore number density, and areal porosity of porous and patterned graphene membranes, all with standard deviation (SD), are shown. The pore statistics were obtained from the SEM graphs (section S5).

PG typePorousPatterned
Number of layers12
Process parameterNoncatalytic domain sizeDry etching time
Pore size19.4 (±7.7)–54.1 (±20.3) nm*18 (±7)–30.5 (±18.3) nm
Areal porosity5.5–13.9%4.4–18%§
Pore number density0.5–1.5 × 1010 cm−2 (~10–20% deviation)||1.25–2.1 × 1010 cm−2 (~20% deviation)||

*Figure 2C, blue stars.

Figure 2C, red circles.

Figure 2D, blue stars.

§Figure 2D, red circles.

||Section S7.