Table 2 Carbon contents, δ13CVPDB, δ18OVPDB (CF-IRMS), and CaCO3 concentrations (XRF and estimated volume) of calcite concretions (stages 1 and 2) and host rock sandstone from Utah and Mongolia.

VPDB, Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite; CF-IRMS, continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

Location and samplesC (wt %)CaCO3 (wt %)δ13CVPDB (‰)δ18OVPDB (‰)
Utah (USA)Ca concretion (Escalante)3.46–4.4815.0–15.7−5.15 to −3.13−10.1 to −5.06
Host rock sandstone0.01–0.510.13–0.14−5.96 to −3.36−10.3 to −8.56
Ca concretion (White Cliff)1.80–2.6315.0–21.9*−4.63 to −4.21−12.0 to −11.5
Host rock sandstone0.01<0.03–0.08*−7.44 to −6.81−12.9 to −2.02
Gobi (Mongolia)Ca concretion3.85–6.2918.8–24.4−3.50 to −1.65−11.5 to −10.1
Host rock sandstone0.01–1.120.01*–0.56−8.21 to −3.79−11.8 to −11.2

*Estimated volume.