Table 1 Pearson’s correlation between estimated rMFM parameters (recurrent connection w and subcortical input I) and cytoarchitectonic data (neuronal cell density and cell size).

P values that survived a false discovery rate of q < 0.05 are bolded.

Layer 1 density−0.130.480.340.053
Layer 2 density0.500.00380.230.21
Layer 3 density0.520.00150.0780.66
Layer 4 density0.390.036−0.100.60
Layer 5 density−0.110.540.240.17
Layer 6 density0.560.000540.230.20
Cell density averaged across all layers0.550.000710.0500.78
Layer 1 size−0.290.0900.0260.88
Layer 2 size−0.260.15−0.170.37
Layer 3 size0.200.25−0.0420.81
Layer 4 size0.310.10−0.0520.79
Layer 5 size0.
Layer 6 size−0.180.30−0.180.31
Cell size averaged across all layers0.190.280.0310.86