Table 2 Comparison of mosquito feeding-deterrent activity of DEET, picaridin, and Xbu Peak#3 against A. aegypti.

Table shows the Probit-analyzed comparison among the least-squares estimates for each compound’s effect (32). Feeding-deterrence comparison based on adjusted P values among DEET and picaridin was significant (adjusted P < 0.05); DEET and Xbu Peak#3 were not significant (adjusted P > 0.05); and Xbu Peak#3 was significantly different from picaridin (adjusted P < 0.05).

Differences of compound least-squares means adjustment for multiple comparisons: Tukey-Kramer
CompoundCompoundEstimateSEz valuePr > |z|Adj P
DEETXbu Peak#3−0.1730.276−0.620.5320.806
PicaridinXbu Peak#3−1.2640.309−4.08<0.0000.000